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Our Story

An Idea to Reignite The Flame...

The restaurant industry has never been for the faint of heart. They say it takes someone with grit, someone with talent and most importantly...someone with passion.


After over 15 years in the industry, Chef Jeff Servin realized something had to give. The passion was gone and the flame seemed to be burning like an old broken down stove top.

The restaurant life had taken its toll. Stuck with the same food, in the same kitchen, with the same people.... for countless hours every week. 

Then the idea of private chef work came to mind. But it had to be different! It had to be better than the rest! Unique! Memorable!

With years of experience in fine dining restaurants, he thought "Let's bring the fine dining restaurant to the client!"

This brought to life "A True Fine Dining Experience" for his clients. 

After creating this memorable dining experience for his community, he realized how incredibly fun it was to interact with clients, create countless different meals, and most importantly: Feed the passion of cooking and reignite the flame!

As the 5 star reviews rolled in, it was clear that this was an experience that not only client's could continue to enjoy but local chefs as well!

Today, Fine Dining Chefs employ several local chefs in GA & TN that are able to enjoy the freedom of cooking different cuisines for different clients each time they leave for "work".

"We love what we do because we are able to cook delicious meals and interact with people from all over the world."


& Quality
Since 2019

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