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What Our Clients Say About Us


A Beautiful Fall Wedding

Blairsville, GA

We booked Fine Dining Chefs for a 4-course plated dinner service for our wedding this September. The food was exquisite, and Chef Jeff is an absolute pleasure. He is attentive, has excellent communication, and has a wonderfully pleasant and professional team.

The first course was a charcuterie and crudité spread that was gorgeous and delicious. During our tasting, I could not decide between both of the tasty hot appetizer options presented, so Chef Jeff actually allowed me to offer both as an option to my guests.

All of the food was fresh and locally sourced, with a high-end presentation. Chef Jeff also provided all of the tableware, wait staff, and bartender services, and his team put together the dessert table display.
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An Anniversary to Remeber

Ellijay, GA

My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary and decided to try this experience. We had Chef Hunter. He was amazing! This is a young man that is going places in life. We had 4 courses and each was more amazing than the last. We chose the “let the chef surprise you” option. After just a short questionnaire of likes/dislikes he prepared a meal that was perfectly suited to our tastes. Each course flowed beautifully into the next. His preparation, timing, and presentation were flawless. He was very pleasant and professional. And did I mention the food was amazing??!! Here’s a tip…. Rate cobbler high on your list if you get Chef Hunter. I rated cobbler as one of our favorite desserts because my husband is a huge fan. This is apparently not typical. He went ALL out. Our dessert was a fresh berry cobbler with homemade cream. There was mint and cinnamon and the flavor was just exquisite!! I’d pay to have him come back just to prepare us that dessert. All in all, 5 very well deserved stars. Lastly, the experience alone is worth trying. Having a professional chef come to your home or cabin to prepare a gourmet meal while you watch is just fun. It’s a great and memorable way to spend an evening.

An All Inclusive Corporate Retreat

Blue Ridge, GA

The Fine Dining Chefs were awesome! - We had a group of 8 in for a few days in a cabin in Ellijay. Jeff was able to come in and do 3 meals a day for us throughout our business trip. Food was AWESOME! Service was perfect. Easiest dining experience I've ever had and saved us the giant headache of grocery shopping and cooking during our trip. 5 star dining at home! Made the trip so much more enjoyable. Can say enough about the quality food and service we received. Thanks Jeff!

A Wedding in the Mountains

Blue Ridge, GA

Where to even begin! My wedding was in December and it has seriously taken me 5 months to try and put into words how incredible our experience with Chef Jeff and his amazing team was.
We let him take the reins with the menu which he chose based on what was local and fresh at the time. To say he knocked it out of the park is a vast understatement. He and his team arrived at our air bnb promptly and immediately set to arranging the beautiful place settings for 15 and cooking THE MOST MOUTHWATERINGLY DELICIOUS MEAL. Not only does he take great pride in his work but you can really tell how much he loves what he does. I swear you can taste a bit of his heart and soul in the dishes he masterfully prepares.
The kitchen became an art exhibit as we got to watch the master at his work. Believe me when I tell you, this is the chef you want for whatever event you are having. Not only was it the best meal of my life but all of my guests continue to talk about it to this day. Not one person was anything less than utterly satisfied and stuffed by the end of the meal.
As if this wasn't already the most amazing food experience of our lives, he went above and beyond for my family. I am a terrible sister and forgot to mention my brother's dairy allergy, (Although Jeff had asked about allergies prior to setting the menu). When he learned of my brother's dairy allergy, he didn't even bat an eyelash and immediately prepared my brother's dishes without any dairy. To top it off the dessert also had dairy in it so Jeff searched through our cabinets and with the few ingredients he found was able to whip up a special dairy free crepe that my brother said was absolutely incredible!
So often, people with food allergies miss out on the amazing experience others get to have, but Jeff and his team made absolutely certain that EVERY guest enjoyed the most amazing culinary adventure, including my brother. It literally had my mother and I in tears with gratitude.
If this review hasn't sold you yet, let me mention one last detail. 2 weeks prior to this event Jeff was in a serious motorcycle accident that left his dominant hand/arm broken and several places. So not only did he make us the wedding meal of our dreams, he basically did it with one hand tied behind his back. He's just that good!
He made our meal special, he made it fun, he made it inclusive, and he made it memorable. I will remember this meal till the day I die and I am forever grateful I put it all in his hands.
This is seriously the chef for you! I cannot wait to share an anniversary dinner with him in the future!!!
To the Fine Dining Chefs team, thank you does not even begin to cover it, but it's all I have so, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
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